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10-17-2009, 11:51 PM
well me and my club had a small de-mod/mod day. i got my taillights re night shaded. wanted em a bit darker, and im selling my turbo cavy parts to a club member so he wanted to remove them today.

while we were eating, my friends decided to crack some jokes on my newly turboed 2.4 ss. i recently got my tune updated thru vince @ trifecta and got my blown off piping issues settled so the car has been treating me pretty well. The jokes commence thru the day and i let them slide mostly. well we have a g8 gt auto in the club and he kept talkin about running me so on the way out we lined up.(this is mexico btw.)

1st run was a 60 roll. (im the honker on all 5 runs) . on all of them by my 2nd honk i can hear him hitting wot, but i chose to downshift on the 3rd honk and let him get a wot start. i pull him good and put about 1.5-2 cars on the first run. i finish at about 120

2nd run. same speed. pretty much same outcome..

3rd run. was about a 45 roll. he gets about a 1 car lead but i pull on him and put about a car on him by the time i hit 5th.

4th run. he kept slowing me down so we got to about 20 on this one. i downshifted too slow and he put about 2 cars on me....i started to pull on him but he shut down before i caught up so i lost this one.

5th run. i have like no gas but i decide to try again.. my buddy with a 2.4 auto ss/sc is on my left and g8 on the right. i honk it off and put about the same 1.5-2 cars on him again. before i shut off.... wut a fun night.

he did have his gf in the car btw. it was just me in mine.

g8 mods-intake, underdrive pulley kit
2.4 ss/tc mods. garrett 50 trim turbo,7 psi, 60s, trifecta tuning, 2.5" exhaust. tranny mounts

10-17-2009, 11:59 PM
u have any videos of that damn thing yet?

10-18-2009, 12:10 AM
lol no.. i brought the camera tonight. and forgot to ask my friends to record a couple times.. i promise ill have some soon. im dynoing on the 7th of november so ill have vids of that. after that day im hitting thetrack