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05-26-2010, 08:15 PM
Ok up for sale is 4 rare. Out of print Seige 1/4 comics books

The first one is t he regular one, second one is 1 in 25 variant
Third one i believe is 1 in 100 variant and the 4th is 1 in 300 variant.

All 4 togeather are worth $254, But ill Give them away for $225 shipped. To the lower 48 states.

There all in mint condition, there flawless. They have never been read or taken out of the packaging.
For real time prices check out

The comics are 1, 1A, 1B, and 1C

Edit: If you would like to make an offer im up for that. Just PM me. Id like to scrap up some cash to get my car tuned. I dont think ill have any luck here but im trying. Theres got to be another comic book fan on here :)

05-27-2010, 08:26 AM
Man your a dying breed, Nice collection I use to collect back in the day :)

05-27-2010, 02:24 PM
I have alot more comics, but i need to get some cash. I have no job. And here i am buying upgrades for my car lol. My car is pretty much the only thing i love more then life it self. Just a few more things i need to get for my car and its perfect.

Sub ( getting that soon from you)
New head lights ( same ^ )
And a tune.

Then later on a nav/dvd unit. But this can weight since its going to cost at least 1500

But if you know anyone who might want to buy these please spread the word