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: [FS] OCZ Vertex SSD 30gb

06-07-2011, 12:33 AM
I have for sale my vertex SSD

50usd shipped


its only 30gb, but it is perfect for an OS and a few larger, resource dependent programs.

Perfect entry SSD for a reasonable price.

most people will want to run this as their system hard drive, then use a standard drive for file storage and normal programs. (i shouldnt have to tell this to people who would want it, but im throwing it out there lol)

I used this in my desktop, and loved it. I replaced it with an OCZ Agility II, with double the read, and three times the write speed, and i still feel as if the vertex booted faster.

-Windows will boot/shut down much faster, as well as run more smoothly.
-programs on the drive will open faster and possibly run smoother depending on the program
-if used in a laptop: slightly better battery life due to less power draw than a traditional hard drive. i ran this in my netbook because i didnt need the storage space. It made a night and day difference in performance. If used in a primary use laptop where mass storage is required, make sure you have 2 hard drive bays. It is also virtually shockproof, so it can be used in laptops to store valuable files/information with less risk of failure.