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: G5CLUB.net is looking for Supporting Vendors!

03-31-2008, 10:54 AM
G5CLUB.net is currently looking for Sponsor Vendors to help support the site.

I am currently looking into a few options for the site that will improve traffic and allow us to grow with the demand. In order to do this G5CLUB.net needs your help.

Here are a few ways you can help us out:

By Donation - A Paypal account has been setup, so you may donate monetary contributions for the site. Each member who does donate will have special privileges on the site such as user chosen designations and your name will be added to the donation list (a special section of the forum will be designated for this). Other incentives will be added.

By recruiting Sponsor Vendors - Do you know someone who owns a business who might want to advertise on our site? Talk to them and have them contact myself either via PM or http://www.g5club.net/forum/sendmessage.php . Advertising rates are VERY competitive (in fact, probably the best out of all delta body forums) and each sponsor vendor will have their advertisement put on a rotating banner at the top of the forum.

Get our name out there! Let them know about the #1 G5/Pursuit Enthusiast Site on the web!

As supporting vendors, your company will receive great attention from group buys and via introduction in the supporting vendors forums. Supporting vendor status provides members with a great, trusted place to purchase products for their Pontiac G5, Chevy Cobalt, Saturn Ion or Chevy HHR. Not only will this help your business grow but will also allow G5CLUB to grow, as we provide greater resources and show more availability in products. Supporting vendors help keep G5CLUB alive!

Please PM me or e-mail thru the contact form provided above for further details regarding becoming a supporting vendor.

G5CLUB has close to 2,500 members and is growing daily!

Thank you for expressing your interest!