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: underground Sleeper Challenge 2 vs MazdaSpeed and SRT-4

05-31-2008, 02:20 PM
So I was in Regina Saskatchewan this past week and i decided to visit some of my own car club members (Underground Sport Tuners) in Moose Jaw. The only guy I knew of the 4 was my friend Less who drives a 2005 Subaru STI (450 whp). We hung out, had a BBQ and chatted about performance mods and the likes, but soon the conversation turned to racing, and being the only one there with a half built base model, they wanted to see what my car was capable of. So we went to a quarter mile stretch just outside of Moose Jaw, where apparently the police around there know about and have no problem with people drag racing. In fact, they sometimes show up and watch.

One guy has a 1993 Toyota Supra MKIV RZ twin CHARGED (NOT twin turbo'd), and so Less and him lined up and man was it an intense race! The Sub's almost smoking all 4 tires as he pulls off! LOL! pretty sure he dumped the clutch at about 4000 off the line! Both cars are almost kicking sideways into each other as they take off! The Supra's about halfway done the track by the time the Subaru takes 3rd gear and wins by 4 (ish) lengths. (So I'm guessing he's about 600 or 700 whp give or take about 50?. WILD!)

Next the guy in the SRT-4 STG2 wanted to race me. I was a little apprehensive and made it clear that I was not looking for a kill, but would be very pleased if I was anywhere from a length behind to a tie. We lined up and off the line I pulled ahead by about 1 car. I squawked a little in the 2-3 (sprayed at 3000rpm in second, shifted at 6000, and went right into the spray in the beginning of 3rd which was between 3500 and 4000) and he caught up to be in 3rd. With the spray opening up at about 3500 rpm in 3rd I started pulling away ever so slightly, by the time I hit 4 I was a whole car ahead as we passed the finish line. I have to admit I was pretty amazed.

As I pulled back to the line the Supra and STI were ready to go yet again, this time the STI asked for 2 lengths. So with the Sub ahead by 2 they take off and yet again the MKIV wins... BY 5! LOL! Friggen sandbaggers!

So now the dude in the 2003 MazdaSpeed Protege want to run against me. Once again I tell him that I'd be more than happy with a tie or close behind... he laughs and says "Shut up I watched what you did to the SRT!" I told him it was probably a lucky launch. So we line up. Off the line I popped the clutch a little too much so I burnt about a 10ft patch, but still managed to pull ahead by 3 lengths by the end of 2nd gear (spraying at 3000 and shifting at 6000)! LOL! I shifted to 3 and sprayed at 3500 and maintained the 3 length lead the rest of the track.

After our fun at the "track" I shook hands with the guy's and continued back to Regina. Was a great race night and they we're great sports! All were very surprised (as I was) and impressed at Ghost's performance. So now I can add a STG2 SRT-4 and a MazdaSpeed Protege to my kill list....

.... maybe next time I'll try my luck against the Supra.... :lol:


05-31-2008, 02:24 PM
nice kills

05-31-2008, 02:47 PM
nice...great kills!!!

05-31-2008, 03:08 PM
Not beliving the "twin charged" supra but good stories non the less.

05-31-2008, 03:17 PM
Not beliving the "twin charged" supra but good stories non the less.
Not surprised about that. Fact is the dude works on the rigs all winter, almost everything he makes goes into the car during the winter months and in the summer he does nothing but race the car cause of the break-up season. The car is beastly... i probably say he's easily dumped close to 30 grand into the car... but believe what you want, it's not my car and I didn't race it, but I DO know what a supercharger looks like and I DO know what a turbo charger looks like, and this thing had both... :wink:

06-19-2008, 04:21 PM
I was wondering if you have any pictures of your car; I can't find any sedan g5's in my town and i'm thinking of just ordering one. Don't really care for coupes; hard to f*** in the back seat you know.

Oh yeah, your car ghost, and you; are my hero. I always prefer the sleeper look other than check my bling everyone! specially in my area, my town cops are after your car if it looks nice or modified (tint it even in legal limits they give you crap for it, probably seeing if your smoking a joint behind those doors). But go into A-Town and everyone robs your nice looking ride. Spoiler? heh easy 150 bucks for someone on the street haha. Though might just get a chevy sport sedan; I still rather stick with pontiac, little rarer, less people know what's going on ha.

I guess that's my biggest problem right now, 2.2 or 2.4; Some people tell me the thicker walls in 2.2 goes better with nitrous or boost. Dunno if that matters if my goal is 300 crank ponies.

06-19-2008, 05:08 PM
Thicker block walls make a world of difference, hence why most factory SC and TC engines are 2.0's. The 2.2L is, IMO, the perfect medium between the 2.0's and 2.4's.

300 crank hp is possible, but you will need to do internal upgrades and major trans upgrading. The engine is tested to 350 hp factory and engine internals start to fail around the 300 mark in the 2.2. There's only so much gain you can get from the bolt ons... I know I have them all with upgraded trans. With all bolt ons and nitrous, you'll hit between the 240 hp and 260 hp (max) mark while spraying, and I would dub that the safe mark for the 2.2L. After that your pushing your luck.

The 2.2L is designed to take nitrous as well. The tester valve on the fuel rail was put there to accommodate the fuel slave for a wet kit and the engine is designed to take a 75 wet shot (max) on factory internals.

I don't know how to react about the hero thing, but thank you anyway I'm flattered. :oops:

I don't have full car pictures of my car, I didn't see a point of posting pictures of a stock looking sedan. But I do have pictures of some of the upgrades. Mainly the clutch and nitrious kit... I'll take some pics of the car as a whole later and post them. But just look at a base model sedan, tint the windows and lower it 2" and you have what my car looks like, in the metallic blue.





And This is what I'm building it into... 535 hp turbo'd Phase 5.

In all honesty I don't take many pictures of my car unless it's the performance end. I'm all about the go... I'll worry about the show later.

More pics soon for you.

06-20-2008, 02:55 AM
Oh yeah, internals will come specially for the trans which i hear is rated only to 170 (aha hahaha) while the turbo's e35 is good to 260. Though we all know well people are blowing those levels out of the water

I was sort of wondering if you have pictures of that beautiful back interior all gutted out.

What kind of transmission work did you get done? other than flywheel and clutch is what i've read from some other posts.

And while I'm at it, another thing that get's me; is the year! i'm either getting (from what I heard) 05-06 2.2, or 06-07 2.4; now unless I want to buy brand new (get a good deal too, use to work at this place). But i could get a 2008 fuel injected g5 gt; coupe sadly... But 17 miles, and I could probably snag it for 18,000, few grand less considering i'm in Alaska!. If i went with that car I could definitely save money since i wouldn't want to mod much till i added few thousand miles. then just get the basics in as soon as a decent tune comes around. Thinking mild cams, basic bolts i/h/dp/e; short shifter then from then on out just learn that car till more tuning comes out for turbo. or some good ol no2 juice. Plus if I go this route I may as well say forget the sleeper look; start gutting it. No need for a back seats when you got subs that weigh more; and sound much better than anything that'd come from those back seats.

But again, I much rather have a sedan, lowest base model cause eventually everything will be changed in the car much like my other car's i've owned. It's kind of pointless to pay extra 4000 for sports tuned suspension and better breaks when you were just going to change them anyways; and this way i can screw over insurance cause 140 hp doesn't sound much to them! =D (140 till the juice right? haha).

This is the only reason I haven't bought a car yet. I mean shit if i really didn't care about insurance; or what other people thought, I'd just wait for the new SS T/C's and call it a day till stage kits come out and tunes and knowledge of what will break down comes about. Also why not try out a saturn ion, it's a coupe but 4 doors! plus using the first version before fuel injected, so i'll have more mods out for it. plus after you debadge a saturn they are great sleepers cause no one knows what the hell it is haha.

Sadly if i want a sedan in the 2.4 engine i'd have to go cobalt, but if i decide to go coupe or 2.2 i'm definitly going pontiac! i haven't seen any sedans anywhere for the gt pontiac.

Anyways long post, i'll call it a day! or night... it's 2:19 and i'm being nocturnal.

Oh other car's i've had were
93 Chevy z71 (stock, it's what i have here)

99 ford escort zx2 2.0 zetec (something like 6k in mods not counting the work done, so don't ask for mods; and i left it in maui so nope no more pics! had some on my myspace before it got hacked) i probably got the crank up to a good 170 still n/a car; did suspension progressive set up too, my friend in his srt-4 which was waaaaay quicker hated me cause on the curvy roads mine just had better agility haha.

Actually i do have pics of that escort i just remembered, it's on my laptop, i'll hook that shi...poop up sometime

94 civic integra ls swap then just basic bolt ons w/tune msd ignition and sway bar front n rear, then lowered but not a full suspension.

06-20-2008, 06:56 AM
I'll line up a photo shoot soon... I'm working night shifts so i'm asleep during the days now... like a bat... or something nocturnal... I just found a ridiciulious amouunt of build photos as well... but i'll be posting them in my Phase 5 thread once that build gets under way...

06-20-2008, 12:57 PM
Note to SmackinJuice: You won't find a G5 sedan because they were only released in Canada. Welcome to the club!

06-20-2008, 01:21 PM
now i didn't know that... that sux...