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: me vs. '98 Mote Carlo LS

08-03-2008, 04:52 PM
Ok so im approaching a red light and see an older body Monte Carlo riding my ass (looked like an 97 or i get over to the next lane so we would be at the light together and when we got to the light he revved his car once so i knew he waned to race. Light turns green we both step on it, he pulls ahead until about 30mph then i pulled ahead of him until around 70 then right after that he takes the lead by about a half of a hood length lead until we get to 100, i got up to about 108 before the speedo wouldnt go anymore and at that point we were dead even, we kept going for a little bit until we come about a 1/4 mile before then next intersection so i slowed down because cops liek to hide in the median right before the light and plus it was an intersection so i wasnt gonna take any chances going that fast through it.

It was a very even race. We were both next to eachotherthe WHOLE time and none took a bigger lead more then a front fender length

Exhaust is gonna be on August 20th..Im getting custom 2.5" Magnaflow...i figure if i had that when i raced the monte i wouldve definatly had the lead the whole time, it was that close.

Me: 2008 2.2 G5 SE Auto with K&N SRI, ZZP Header/DP combo, stock 2.2 exhaust (figure without an aftermarket exhaust with what i have now, i should have about 160, with about 160 torque)
Him: 1998 Monte Carlo LS 3.1L v6 Auto 160 HP, 185 Torque. Didnt sound like he had any performance mods like exhaust or intake)

08-03-2008, 05:12 PM
intake and header back, you will be just ubder 150. probably like 147-150whp

08-03-2008, 05:18 PM
yeah thats probably right..when i said 160 i was talking crank