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: 2.4L SS vs Me in '93 WRX JDM

08-03-2008, 07:54 PM
K, so no really a war story, but rather a bit of an ego stroke for all us GM guys. I'm driving around with my usual car group Friday and I'm driving a freinds JDM Subaru WRX... FUN ASS CAR!!!

Anyway me and my buddy Scott (2.4 SS) are at a red light together and he revs with a grin. So I figure okay just a bit of fun.

Well I know now how hard it is to launch an AWD turbo! LOL! I totally over reved and bogged out bad off the line! ALMOST STALLED IT! LMFAO!!! Scotty just dusted me! I couldn't stop laughing... well WE couldn't.

So next light we try it again... didn't bog it out, in fact I kinda over did it! reved, feathered and then (oops) dumped it! the 2.4 still pulled away of the line, I didn't catch up till 3rd...

... so yeah, N/A launches V.S turbo AWD launches are, well, better... he's in an auto as well...!


08-03-2008, 08:15 PM
sounds like fun :-)