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  1. intake help

    hey guys i bought a 2009 pontiac g5 two months ago and i love it. I am trying to find a cold air intake for my car but having trouble doing so. i read up on Injen and i like it alot but would it be able to fit in my car.
  2. Passenger side door won't open

    I have a 2997 Pontiac G5 and my passenger side
    Door will not open.
    I found that my handle was broke So I ordered
    A new one from the manufacturer and installed it
    It worked great!!.. For a short time and then
    It wouldn't open again!!.. So I took it apart and re positioned the rod (s) shape and then it worked!!..yah!!... And it lasted for 2 days and now it won't open again!

    The electronic locks works fine but I can NOT ...
  3. New to forum, having starting issues!

    my 07 g5 base model has never had a problem until this evening, i parked her in the garage and for some reason i took my key out of the ignition but the chime stayed on and so did the lights, when i went to start the car it did nothing, it is a manual im kind of thinking it may be the switch under the clutch but that doesnt explain why its still chiming, if someone could help me out i would really appreciate it!
  4. Coolent Temperature Sensor reading ---F and A/C not working

    My Coolent Temperature sensor has been going on and off. When its off it shows (---F) and my A/C wont blow cold air. I heard something about the ECT Sensor needing to be replaced. Has anyone had this issue? and do you know how to fix it... is it an easy fix i can do on my own?!

  5. Where can I get a good turbo?

    I'm trying to find a turbo to put on my 07 g5. But I can't really find a good website for one. Anybody got any suggestions??
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