3" Shorty /stubby antenna Group buy

3" tall . comes with adapters for any cars or trucks that takes screw on antenna . light weight, Real Carbon Fiber, wrap with aluminum alloy
- $17.70 -
Shipping $5 (usa and canada)

if your ordering more then one each, each extra ships for $1 more (to same address ) this deal will run for 2 weeks (end 26th of march) or untill 15 "spots" are filled.

rather then do the update names and post lots of replies . we are running this Group buy from our website. if showing sold out then all spots are filled. in the event we don't fill all the spots refunds will be issued or items will ship regardless (depending on how close we get any how many QTY is ordered by each person)


This is an open group buy to anyone who has access to our website. USA and CANADA customers .

also note like any other order on our website you will earn 10% store credit back on every $1 spent.