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New Member Intros

New to the Club? Stop in here first to say hello!
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Announcements & F.A.Q's

Anything regarding the forum itself will be posted in here.
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G5 Club Site Support Forum

Have some suggestions or website issues? Let us know here
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Recycle Bin

All the spam and bad messages from the forum - please put that here
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General G5 Community

Show off your stuff!

Have some amazing pictures or videos you want to share? Post in here
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General G5 Discussion

Hear a rumor about an up and coming feature of the G5? Talk About Anything to do the G5 here.
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Off Topic Discussion

PG-13 and probably NWS - Post your random topics in here.
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Photoshop Chop

Are you a photoshopper? Have a Chop Request? Post in here
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Ride of the Month

Use this forum to submit your car for ROTM
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Show & Shine

Tell us how you keep your car looking great
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G5CLUB.net Magazine

G5CLUB.net official online magazine. Tune in monthly for new editions!
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Looking for information about the look and style of your car? Check in here!
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Wheels, Tires & Suspension

Anything to do with the way your car handles can be found in here.
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General Maintenance

Anything to do with the general maintenance of your car. Oil changes, brakes etc.
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Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting

Subs, Amps, Cd players etc - Alarms, lighting. Anything to do with electrical components of your car
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Tuning & NOS

Dry Shot, Wet Shot - N20 & all the fun tuning for the G5
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Performance Mods

Exhaust, Intakes, Downipes, Engine Swaps & Forced Induction (S/C's & Turbo's)
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Technical Information

TSB's & Recalls

Recalls and TSB's related to our cars
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Curious how to install something? Want to know how something is done? Check in here.
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Product Reviews

Have you installed a product that you think others should know about? Post In Here
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Dyno Stuff

Anything to do with the Dyno & your car.
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War Stories

Have a story? Racing on the track is legal - we do not condone illegal street racing. Be safe, and have fun.
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Drag Times

Been to the track? Want to share your time slips? Post them here.
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Site Archives

Old content
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National G5CLUB.net Meet July 11th/12th 2009

Discuss/Planning for the National G5CLUB.net meet. Plan trips with other members & confirm final itinerary.
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The Market Place

Car Stuff For Sale

Have Something Car related for sale? Post in here.
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Approved Vendor Sales & Group Buys

Are you a vendor? Are you having a sale? Post in here
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General Stuff For Sale

Have some "Stuff" for sale? Sell it here
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Want something? Ask in here
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Great Buys

Did you find a sale on an item you think we should know about? Let Us Know!
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Let others know about the sales you have completed with users of the forum.
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Sponsors, Approved Vendors & Partner Sites

Approved Vendors, Sponsors, & Partner Links for G5Club
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Vendor Deals

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Need to customize or repair your Pontiac G5? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at CARiD.com, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice. www.carid.com
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Regional Sections

Eastern Canada

Those of you from Eastern Canada - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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Central Canada - Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Those of you from Central Canada - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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Western Canada - Alberta & British Columbia

Those of you from Western Canada - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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Eastern US

Those of you from Eastern US - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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Central US

Those of you from Central US - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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Western US

Those of you from Western US - Discuss your meets, bashes, events & locations specific information here
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