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2007 pontiac g5 gt

  1. Door Lock Pull Pins

    Looking to install some aftermarket pull pins cuz I snapped one of the original ones. Anyone know the thread size and possibly where I can get a conversion so she can take some universal pins? Found some nice chrome and walnut ones but I can't find the thread size anywhere, let alone an adapter...
  2. Short throw shifter

    Performance Mods
    hey guys quick question I found a hurst quick stick shifter that looks really cool and im wondering if it will fit my g5 it says it will fit a 07 cobalt ss do they both use the same F35 transmission thanks for the help :)
  3. Just another noob saying Hi to everyone!

    New Member Intros
    Hey what's going on everyone? I've been to this site before, I just never made a login. Just stopping by to say Hi and show off the toy. '07 Pontiac G5 GT 17in Konig Furthers Three 12in CVR Kickers That's all i got so far. I just ordered niteshade for my taillights and 2nd Gen...