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  1. Show off your stuff!
  2. Wanted
    hi guys im lookin for the stock black seats covers, i currently have the crappy beige and working outside they get dirty REALLY fast. Also i would like the side panel peices that house the recline and height of the seat ( if you dont have those availiable ill just paint my existing ones). Would...
  3. Show off your stuff!
    My father just bought these for my 21st birthday today. Just thought I'd share. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2084352746262&set=a.1048059639582.2012306.1168410787&type=1&theater
  4. Wanted
    got an 08 g5 base looking for a gt kit looking to trade xbox 360 and 7 or 8 games or some cash
  5. Show off your stuff!
    Nothing special really, but it was the best I could really get.
  6. Car Stuff For Sale
    Since I have traded in my car.. I have a shorty aerial I bought from Rob not too long ago and offer it up for sale for anyone who wants it. Looks great and looks new - Here is a pic - $35.00 (live in Ladner near the Massey tunnel) 604-628-4849 - 10am-10pm jim
1-7 of 7 Results