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  1. Appearance
    I saw a cobalt with some front and rear bumper canards also called fins or splitters. I was wondering if anybody had purchased these and tried them out and if there was a specific size or brand that fit. I was assuming to just go with the universal ones and try my best to make them fit to the...
  2. Appearance
    I have seen many pictures online of cobalts with rear diffusers and I was looking for information on this such as where they can be purchased and if they will fit on a G5 GT? I think the look is sick! (also any information on custom body kits that arent the standard ones we always see online)
  3. Blog
    I have a 2009 g5 gt and im looking for a good body kit. Any suggestions?
  4. Appearance
    Whats a good place to get a body kit for a G5? This is the only one i found that i like... everything else ive looked at doesnt even look legit. http://www.carid.com/2008-pontiac-g5-body-kits/extreme-dimensions-duraflex-92541.html
  5. Appearance
    Anyone who knows about the quality of the kit please post it here before I order it thanks!
  6. Appearance
    I'm getting the rk sport and I wanna see what everyone paid to get it painted and where if it's a well known chain and also the quality thanks!
  7. Member Classifieds
    got an 08 g5 base looking for a gt kit looking to trade xbox 360 and 7 or 8 games or some cash
  8. Appearance
    I was looking at the kit and it's really inexpensive and looks really good IMO I would put a pic or a link but I'm on my iPod. Does anyone have this kit or know anyone with it? I'd like to see it on a g5 (preferably black) thanks in advance
1-8 of 8 Results