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  1. General Maintenance
    Got my oil changed, tires rotated, and was told my serpentine belt was cracking. *ugh* So.. a bunch of cash later, I was at home and reading the paperwork. They made a note that my brake fluid was low, but didn't mention it at the time. My brakes were adjusted last summer by the dealer, but...
  2. General G5 Discussion
    yea i have noticed this for a while now. when i turn i hear like a "thrish" sound on each tire, it used to only be the drivers side but now its both and its gotten louder. also happens sometimes when im driving strait. also my brakes are jerky at low speeds, like a bent bycicle rim with hand...
  3. Photoshop Chop
    There's much talk about whether paint them black or red. Can someone paint these black and red to get an idea? Please and thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results