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  1. Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    New to the forum, been browsing around for a while, first real question and first post! I'm buying a set of springs from a Cobalt SS, and I want them on my G5/Pursuit. They will lower my car about 1.5" give or take. Will I also need new struts/anything else, or can I just slap 'em on and go?
  2. General G5 Discussion
    Hi, I'm new here and wanted to know if i could supercharge my automatic g5. Will the tranny hold or will it blow up haha, i really want to add power to it. Its lame being passed by other cars who are faster... Thanks. Oli ;)
  3. General G5 Discussion
    Sorry about the delay... note the front page story... I still have a lot of work to do but I am re-opening the site for posting again!!! Thanks everyone for your patience... the various upgrades/changes will be completed throughout the week as it is a very time consuming process. I am running...
  4. Appearance
    Hi everyone, I don't know much about tires and stuff so I could use your expertise. Just a quick question.. Will the SS gunmetal rims fit on my G5. They are a 5x110 bolt pattern. Also what are your opinions on how they will look on my yellow 5.
  5. General G5 Discussion
    I just installed Eibach Sportlines on my Cobalt LS 2.2l and have posted this question on every forum I have an account on. So some have seen this, some havent. Ive been getting mixed answers like crazy, thats why I keep asking. Should I cut my bump stops? Explain why if you could too. Thanks g5s!
  6. Show Off Your Stuff!
    Before: After! I know, I know, bigger tires. blah blah getting them when I can. Thanks for looking :) I love them so far!
  7. Performance Mods
    Anyone else bothered by the fact that almost every part site has the part you want for a cobalt but almost nothing for our G5s? This really bothers me. Your opinion?
1-8 of 8 Results