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  1. Announcements & F.A.Q's
    Help!!!!!! Now the ac keeps Shutting Off but if u take the battery cable off wait 10 15 sec Then put it back on it works again I can’t take this heat help
  2. Appearance
    Hi I am new here and was hoping for some advice. First off slightly off topic but any advice on removing scratches mine came with tons of thin scratches that are not that deep. Anyways it also came with a front license plate holder that my state does not require so I was looking for a...
  3. Appearance
    anyone know of any custom grills or if you can make one? im looking for a a straight across design with nothing in it pretty much like this but not a whole bumper http://www.automotiveconcepts.net/store/Chevrolet-Cobalt_product_19410.html?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=organic
  4. Show off your stuff!
    Trunk Project. (finished) alright i posted the topic with the dash project. and the diamond plate cover on the dash will make a bit more sense .. the trunk set up also needs paint (like the dash) as well as the trunk lid isnt even started. its planed to have a big ass lcd tv or maybe a few...
  5. New Member Intros
    I love my 2007 Pontiac G5. It is Blue Streak Metallic, Sport pkg, i have had it since December and just recently started customization. I have custom tinted tails and reverse lights, custom carbon fiber pontiac emblems, custom carbon fiber interior accesories, 8500k Hid headlights and soon more...
1-5 of 5 Results