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  1. 2.2L 2008 Base G5

    Performance Mods
    Just looking to install a new muffler! I wan't something louder with a deep tone, but nothing too loud. Does anyone know if a magnaflow muffler would sound good? What do you recommend?
  2. FS: Vibrant Performance Cat-Back Exhaust

    Car Stuff For Sale
    Selling the cat-back from my ol' 2007 G5 coupe. Made by Vibrant Performance and will fit 2.0L G5s and Cobalts years 2005-2007, measuring 4" at the tip. Bolts on to stock, so I have connector sleeve, clamps, and hangers. Purchased in 2009, so it's been used. Discoloration on tip and pipe from...
  3. Header back exhaust replace help

    Performance Mods
    I have a 2007 G5 base, 2.2 liter engine with a manual transmission. I am having of upgrading my exhaust system due to the fact that i have a manual transmission. The down pipe that i need is apparently flipping expensive because i have to use a GM certified down pipe due to fit restrictions. I...
  4. New exhaust options please help

    Performance Mods
    I am looking for a new exhaust. I prefer one that sounds deep and throaty. So, if anyone could please help me choose some brands and model of exhausts
  5. need help

    Hi I just nought an 08 pontiac g5 and i am looking for an ehaust. I am wondering which brands i should be looking at and which exhausts.
  6. What to do with $400?

    General G5 Discussion
    I have yet to do any engine upgrades or any upgrades except for my audio and i will have about $400 at the end of summer to do something. Any ideas? I was thinking the Tsudo N1 exhaust with maybe an engine tune or an intake with a tune. Not sure really about getting my car tuned but my friend...
  7. Flowmaster 60 series delta flow???? I need help!

    Performance Mods
    I have been looking at the flowmaster 60 series delta flow, some people say it won't fit and if really doesn't i was wondering if anyone could help me find a nice deep sound. I do not want my car to sound like a coffee can or rice burner. I want a nice solid sound thats not loud...
  8. Exhaust...what should i get??

    Performance Mods
    i just got back from iraq.. and i got some money to blow on my g5.. i want to buy a new Exhaust kit but im not really familler with exhaust systems..what do you guys recommended i get? ive been looking at this magna flow...
  9. Got my catback on

    Performance Mods
    Just got my megan and love it it sounds great. The install all together only took an hour and it came in 3 days from Cali to eastern pa for 335 free shipping deff recommend it to anyone looking for a good sounding loud exhaust for a good price
  10. orderded my megan drift spec catback

    Performance Mods
    as the title says i ordered it and i have the 2.2 and the catback is for the ss and i know its compatible but will it bolt on perfectly even though its not meant for the 2.2 or is there a little modding or connectors needed. oh and what do you think of the megan haha
  11. Megan racing cat back

    Performance Mods
    I'm pretty set on getting the megan cat back cause I liked the sound and it's in my price range but I was wondering if there is anyone who has it without headers and stuff like that or someone who has had it without headers any audio or video would be great I've saw most of the YouTube videos of...
  12. Megan cat back

    Performance Mods
    I looked online everywhere and I can only find the megan cat back for the cobalt ss not for the 2.2 and not for the g5 does anyone know where I can find one for the 2.2 or does the ss one work for my base g5
  13. next mod?

    Performance Mods
    ok i have a flowmaster 50 series delta flow and i did a intake resonator delete and i was just wondering the next mod i should make to make my exhaust louder amd sound better, but also i wanna do something preferably under 200 if possible so what is the best bang for my buck lol
  14. questions about exhaust resonator delete

    Performance Mods
    i have an 08 g5 and i put a flowmaster on it and took out the intake resonator and i was wondering if anyone took off there exhaust resonator and how it sounds and if there are any changes performance wise, oh and also i live in pa, does anyone know if that would affect emissions or inspection...
  15. Less Restrictive Exhaust loss of TQ? add HP?

    Performance Mods
    ok so i know and have read the thread where backpressure and exhause velocity is discussed.....but yesterday me and my friend put a muffler delete kit on his 08 GT mustang......needless to say it made it loud as hell......the kit claims to add 5 to 10 hp...whether those numbers are true or not...
  16. Oh No! I'm fully bolted?

    Performance Mods
    Well not yet, but in the morning when I get to my dad's shop I will be. My Injen intake came in today and my Tsudo exhaust was in Tuesday. I put the Injen in tonight, and holy shit the sound is amazing. I also have the OBX header and custom 2 1/4" downpipe with a Magnaflow high-flow cat. I'm...
  17. catback

    Performance Mods
    i have an 07 g5 and im ready for a catback system im not sure which to get and where if you guys can help me out that would be great
  18. Is this even possible?

    Performance Mods
    :wtf This is a header for the G5/Cobalt on ebay claiming 8-12 hp. I'm not sure this is even a possible gain for just a header swap...
  19. New Muffler..... Problems

    So today i bought this muffler tip =] looks nice and everything. it just slips on over the original muffler and clamps on it. the only problem i think is tht u can see the original muffler in it. Idk if thts because its on to far in or what. let me no what u guys think. p.s its dark out so pic...
  20. Got some questions for everyone

    Performance Mods
    today i bought exhaust tip for my car from auto zone. it was a clamp on type. with the two metal things on each end and twist on till its secure on ur exhaust.. about half way on it looked rediocouls because it would slide in all the way so you could easily see the bolts becuse it was out to...