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  1. Wanted
    I know some of the cobalt guys used to add gauge pods to the sides of the instrument cluster bezel to get rid of the A-Pillar Gauges, does anyone still make them though? I know Ortiz still makes them but I'd rather not spend 200$ on one. Figured I'd ask before I buy a spare bezel and attempt to...
  2. General G5 Discussion
    So I have a 2009 G5 non-Gt. Warning lights dont match the faults. When ABS acts up the low coolant light comes on. ABS never illuminates and is located under Speedo next to trunk and low fuel light. Also the fuel guage points to drivers side but my fill is on passenger side. Any idea why my...
  3. Approved Vendor Sales & Group Buys
    We are proud to add a new dimension to our gauge face line-up - Metal Flake Finish This finish adds an eye-catching sparkle of metal flake for a custom gauge look like you've never seen before. This metal flake finish can be added to any color face and looks especially great with our pearl...
  4. General G5 Discussion
    I just got my new Custom gauge face today from blackcatcustom.com and i was wondering if anyone has installed one yet in there car? Is it a pain in the ass to do?
  5. Show off your stuff!
    couple of night shots
1-5 of 5 Results