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  1. Appearance
    anyone know of any custom grills or if you can make one? im looking for a a straight across design with nothing in it pretty much like this but not a whole bumper http://www.automotiveconcepts.net/store/Chevrolet-Cobalt_product_19410.html?utm_source=google_products&utm_medium=organic
  2. Show off your stuff!
    well, i broke down and decided to order the ss/tc grille for my car. just got it installed and i love it! much thanks to gto 1 for the advice on the 6 clips :-) also, while i was under there, i redid my hood/bumper gap mod since the old foam was misplaced when the new bumper was put on -...
  3. Photoshop Chop
    What would our cars look like if we removed that grill insert in the front? My guess is horrendous, but it would be interesting to see, nonetheless. I suppose one could look at a Cobalt grill and imagine it's removal, but nothing beats seeing it on your own car. That being said, see what you...
  4. Show off your stuff!
1-4 of 4 Results