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  1. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I just changed out my headlights for a set that has black enclosures and I think they look really good. Since I've done this I've realized that my turn signals are different colours meaning I now had to run to the parts store and change get bulbs that match. The two local parts stores...
  2. Show off your stuff!
    After having a strange issue with the OEM radio, I decided to just replace it with an aftermarket one. Got the radio and harness in at the end of last week, so I did the installation over the weekend; and decided because I can, I might as well install a back-up camera to go with it...
  3. Appearance
    I was super skeptical about what they would look like after learning they weren't black which is what I was after but in the end I am in love with these. I think all it needs is a good HID kit. What do you think?
  4. Appearance
    Ive been looking at purchasing new headlights and I have my eyes set on a certain pair but cant seem to find anyone who has them so I can see if they would look good on my G5, I am in the process of blacking out my G5 and so im looking at. Spyder Smoke CCFL Halo Projector headlights. If you...
  5. Show off your stuff!
    New K1 Motorsports LED Halo Projectors w/ 8000K HID's (going to change to 5000K, or 4300K soon) Love them! Looks great for a cheap total overhaul on the front end of your ride!
  6. Appearance
    Have any of you ever been pulled over for blacked out head lights or tail lights? I was considering using VHT nightshades. Im not in the mood for a ticket :D
  7. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I just bought new Halo Projector headlights off ebay and i have no idea how to install them. Can anyone help??
  8. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    ok i just got my halos in today and im not sure what gen they are but they are the ones with the three LEDs on top on the halos not on the bottom. the problem is that the harness is different then my stock one. i have an 08 g5 and the harness for the halo headlight has 3 prongs, does anyone know...
  9. Show off your stuff!
    Thanks to Wickerman's kind generosity, I got black OEM headlight housings for my car. Still totally shocked that he did that, thank you so much Dan! :D They look fucking sick - especially with the car freshly washed and polished. :D Lookie lookie!
  10. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    do 06 cobalt headlights fit an 08 g5???
  11. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    im getting halos and i hear problems about the seal on them and that moisture gets in and ruins them so i was wondering if i put and extra bead of sealant around the whole thing if that would work vecause i dont know how to take it apart and redo it nor do i want to go through that
  12. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    Hey, i joined this site recently and am not too good with all the functions yet, but i finally managed to at least post a new thread about my problem. I Installed an 6000K HID kit into my 2008 Pontiac G5. The kit looks great and there isn't much scatter at all and the low beams have never been...
  13. General G5 Discussion
    As long as I have projectors, and angle them down on low beam, should I be fine or am I going to be blinding other people, ill also be removing the metal thing in 3g projectors so that I can have a solid cut off line
  14. Car Stuff For Sale
    i have a few things to get rid of I will consider trading for any of this stuff also!!!! Gen 2 Halos....100% working I have only had them for a week...I don't want to mess with them anymore, bulbs all included .... 130 plus shipping SOLD!!!! b&m shift knob 15 shipped SOLD!!!! FOR ALL YOU...
  15. Show off your stuff!
    Just showin off my new gen 1 headlights :)
  16. Appearance
    i should be pickin them up tomorrow and i was wondering if u guys have any advice. i was also wondering if i need to seal them with silicon or something???? thanks like always :)
  17. Appearance
    i was wondering if u guys knew which generation of projectors are these? i just bought a pair for 124$ and now im waiting for them. ill be posting before and after pics so people know how they look :)
  18. General G5 Discussion
    Just got my halos in the mail today.. I oppened the box, and took them out, along with the crimps and 2 of the yellow lights (for the signals) I dropped the little bag with the lights and broke one.... I went to autozone and got the closest lights i could get but there not really the same...
  19. General G5 Discussion
    What do stealth turning signals look like?
  20. Show off your stuff!
    It took 24 hours to get them out, painted, sealed, and back in. Fingers still hurt from the process... but it was totally worth it. And it cost me somewhere around 20$... not too shabby. Here's some pictures. Sorry the whip is so dirty. It's never this dirty... Let me know what...
1-20 of 22 Results