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  1. How-To's
    I needed to make some 15" wheels fit my 07 G5 GT for 8x24.5x15 slicks. HOW TO: Make 15x7 Verde Protocol Wheels fit. Tools Needed: 14mm wrench or socket, angle head grinder or similar grinding device, lug wrench, torque wrench, a jack, jack stands and the caliper paint of your choice. Ease of...
  2. How-To's
    My story first just to see if you are in the same boat at i was. I bought some cobalt wheels for my g5 had tires mounted. Put them on the car was driving and i never thought about it untill the TPMS light came on and I never had Sensors put in my new wheels. The sensor were still on my old...
  3. How-To's
    Well, this was a challenge in itself to get apart and back together so I figured I'd show some pics about it. I took mine apart fully to paint each piece of it red. First thing's first pop it out of the door: Slide down the part behind the door handle itself and pull the plastic cover out with...
1-3 of 4 Results