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  1. Performance Mods
    Ok we'll start off with my specs 07 G5 2dr 200,000 km 2.2l manual mods -Short throw shifter -Stock port and pollished TB -K&N short ram intake -Powel stage1 engine mount -18' SS rims (summer) On To The Point I found an SS cobalt sedan automatic...
  2. Performance Mods
    I installed my new manifold today and man does the car run better. Best bang for the buck out there. Feels like around a 20hp increase. If there's any questions feel free to ask. I did this on an 07 2.2 G5.
  3. Performance Mods
    I ordered the 2.4 intake manifold and gaskets 2 days ago and wonder if I should just port out my existing 2.2 TB or get a 2.4 TB? How much bigger is the 2.4 TB? If I have an 07 what year model 2.4 TB would hook straight up and does anyone have part #s? Any info at all is appreciated. I'll...
1-3 of 3 Results