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  1. Performance Mods
    Hey all, So I've been looking to buy an aftermarket intake for my 2.2 G5 SE Sedan, my concern though is I'm in North Bay, and the winters here are pretty harsh. Does it matter if I choose a CAI or SRI? Will either be able to withstand the winters? Thanks
  2. Performance Mods
    I'm looking for an Air intake for my 2008 Pontiac G5 SE. It's a Ecotec L61. I'm just not sure what kind of brands to be more guided towards. I'm looking to get one to simply enhance the performance of my car, nothing crazy expensive but nothing cheap either. If you know much about air...
  3. General G5 Discussion
    I have yet to do any engine upgrades or any upgrades except for my audio and i will have about $400 at the end of summer to do something. Any ideas? I was thinking the Tsudo N1 exhaust with maybe an engine tune or an intake with a tune. Not sure really about getting my car tuned but my friend...
  4. Show off your stuff!
    During... After! It was a fairly simple install, I'll post up a video soon of the sound (it's amazing). It has the ability to switch from Ram Air (now) to CAI by the install of one more tube. I'll probably make the switch once the Texas heat sets in:P
  5. Performance Mods
    i receneltly installed a short ram intake for my car, after a while the engine light came on and i got the code read and it said "oxygen too lean"? amyone know how i can fix this? i erased the codes but it still came back after a little while :( help
  6. Performance Mods
    so i have the GM performance intake and i was thinking about swapping it for a cold air intake. i have the gt model... someone help me on making this decision please... as far as positives and negatives about the swap... thanks guys
  7. General Maintenance
    Hey ya'll. I need some input on possible solutions to my CEL that keeps coming up. I got ahold of a code scanner and have some info for you to look over. The code I had was: P0171 too lean bank 1 Here is the scanner data and freeze frame of the car at idle: Control Module $07E8 CAN OBDII...
  8. Performance Mods
    im looking to get an intake, either a sri or a cai. im not looking for performance. does anyone know which one sounds better and which brand or model i should go with to get the best sound?
  9. Performance Mods
    So i got some intake questions for you guys. I know there is a while thread about this but it is very long and it doest have all the info I'm looking for. First of all what's the difference between a CAI and SRI? Is the injen intake that goes into wheel well bad in the winter. i just see...
  10. Show off your stuff!
    I think I'm officially the slowest car person on the planet.. after having the car for nearly 11 months I'm FINALLY getting a real performance mod (besides my already installed b&m shift plus) on.. Injen anyone? One of many mods. I think the money will start pickin up with my new job, so I...
1-10 of 10 Results