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  1. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I just changed out my headlights for a set that has black enclosures and I think they look really good. Since I've done this I've realized that my turn signals are different colours meaning I now had to run to the parts store and change get bulbs that match. The two local parts stores...
  2. Blog
    Hey guys im trying to find a 3 inch or 2 inch lowering kit for my 2007 g5 gt cant seem to find anything over 1 inch!! Also wanting some led tail lights for it wich im guessing they don't make for the coupe but if anyone knows of any let me know
  3. Car Stuff For Sale
    I have a set of barely used LED taillight bulbs that I won't be needing anymore since I totaled my '07 coupe. Bought 'em from AutoZone, but I don't remember for how much or brand name (Part #3157). I'm putting them up here for $12 (pair, obviously). The car was hit in the front, so both of these...
  4. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    im wanting to put led lights in my heating vents, but not sure how to do it? if someone could tell me where to find a how to or explain how to do it that would be awesome. Thanks.
  5. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I've recently picked up a 2008 pontiac G5 and i want to put in LED signal lights what would be the best way to go about this?
  6. Approved Vendor Sales & Group Buys
    Add $10.00 to the price of your order. UNLESS you are premium member. Premium member=free shipping!!!! :) That means if you are not a premium member. Sign up NOW and we will waive the $10 shipping fee and will be able to take advantage of the GREAT deals that premium members have access to...
  7. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    Since Infinite is gone then I would recommend superbrightleds.com I've had good service from them all around. Huge selection too.
  8. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I jjust got some projectors in that use H1 55w bulbs. What is the best brand to replace these with? Does anyone know where to get those taillight led bulbs that expand once you put them in?
1-8 of 8 Results