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  1. Halo led ring mod

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I'm sure most might not like this but I like them plus haven't seen this done yet on a Cobalt/G5. I like leds but like to keep it clean. White led rings. Still drying. I used the oven method to take housing apart (200F for 15 minutes) but remember the glue cools down in about 30 seconds so a...
  2. How to add on to courtesy lights.

    This depends on what lights you want to add on to when you're door opens. This is for lights that will come on when you open the door and then they will dim out after a while once the door is closed. I used flexible LED strips. Need: 2 wire splices, 2 16" led strips, pliers, strong glue...
  3. LED reverse light

    General G5 Discussion
    Which is the best LED for the reverse light? I got some from v-leds.com but it's not good enough its like just 2 white dots. These are what I have http://a763.g.akamai.net/7/763/1644/9/app.infopia.com/img/image/fp/VPID/4481033 They're worse than stock at night.
  4. Leds

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    This is a good website where I ordered all the LEDs for my cars. The have this good on for the trunk that faces straight down even though the bulb plugs in horizontally. I put white in the trunk and it's bright. They even have the ones for the dome lamp, I got blue. I also put these flexible...
  5. Infinite tail light LED's, am I doing something wrong?

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    So I got around to putting in my LED tail light bulbs today, and I was extremely disappointed. I knew they weren't going to be much brighter, but I thought they would make my tail lights a little more visible. I was wayyyyy wrong. You can barely tell they are on. I don't know if it's because of...
  6. Day After Christmas SALE! - All LED's

    Approved Vendor Sales & Group Buys
    Merry Christmas! But just because Santa comes once a year, doesn't mean the presents need to stop now! Infinite-Lighting is here to save the day having Sales on all of our LED's for the Pontiac G5 and Cobalt's! First off, our best seller through the G5Club forum. Our popular 63-LED Taillight...
  7. G5 Taillight LEDs *Look*

    I know a lot of you asked for pictures of our 63-LED 3157 Bulbs for the G5 Taillights, that would also work as your Amber Front Turn Signals as well. Well, we took pictures today of them. The blinkers work like original, no faster loop than what it originally is, and everything works great...
  8. **Your next Appearance mod!!!! Interior/Exterior LED Lights!

    Hello everyone, I have now setup our website to offer some LED lights for the Pontiac G5 Interior/Exterior. It doesn't seem that the G5 has many interior bulbs to change out, so that makes it really simple on you guys. You can enjoy a great mod for a cheap price which is always a plus! **We...