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  1. Check me out -GONE BANANAS

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    Let me know what's up. I have been slowly adding mods to the car for the past year or two. I grew up in a city where local car clubs were popular and each club had their own requirements and standards before you could join. I've been away from that town for over 6 years now and the only...
  2. New Member!

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    Hey! my names chris, and I'm a new member. got a Blue 2009 pontiac G5 about a year ago, and looking to start modifying sometime soon. Not sure what I'm going to start with.... i figure I'm going to tint the windows first to make it look better,probably limo black. so far I've replaced the lights...
  3. Ashley from S Jersey

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    Hey!!!!! jus lookin for some info on my new car..... in may i gotta yellow 2008 G5 manual.... lookin for a cat-back n CAI too.....:wtf