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  1. General Maintenance
    Hey all, new to the page.. we have a 08 2.2 G5 with 16K always had 5-30 GTX in it and either a Wix or AC filter, but was kicking around the idea of going to Pennzoil Conv or even switching to a synthetic.... was lookin for others opinions... thanks!!
  2. General Maintenance
    I need to get my oil changed and I would like to convert to synthetic oil. Does anyone have any specific information on which brand(s) is/are best for out engine, or doesn't it matter? If not, which brand(s) is/are generally better?
  3. TSB's & Recalls
    I apoligize if these have been answered before. Did a quick forum search and could not find anything. 2 questions and would appreciate any info 1. 30-45 secs after starting car, it sounds like an electrical motor starts as in some type of pump. The salesman was not sure what I was talking...
1-3 of 3 Results