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  1. How-To's
    Hi ive decided to re-paint all my window bezels (window switches) however i have 1 stripped screw in one of them and cannot seem to get it out, besides breaking the window switch any ideas on how to get this out? . Ive already painted 3 of them and dont want to have to paint it while its in the car
  2. Show off your stuff!
    Hey everyone! Just incase any of you were wondering, paint thinner takes spray paint and VHS off your car! Also, if your plasti-dip job is to thin to peel off, clean it off, apply 2-3 more coats, and it will come off a lot easier. If you dont have access to more, goo-gone and some elbow grease...
  3. Appearance
    Aloha Y'all. Kane (formerly Kanaloa, but that's another story) here, eh? After touching up the Victory Red on my 07 G5 Sedan with the spray paint from Canadian Tire, I notice that the newly painted areas are not as shiny/reflective as the rest of the car. Do I need to overpaint this with a...
  4. Show off your stuff!
    I only have blackberry pics for now. Will most definitely take some pics with the woman's camera when I can find it! But i was too excited to wait so I figured i'd post to see what you guys think. I kind f-ed it up the first time and had to sand and start over again, but the end result is...
  5. Show off your stuff!
    Okay, so I painted my trim before. Guide was great Rob, but very average on my part. It looked and felt so dull. So I youtubed some wetsanding videos and took the leap of faith. Stripped all the paint off the trim(that was a b!tch) and then painted my steering wheel panels and shift knob thanks...
  6. Appearance
    I'm getting the rk sport and I wanna see what everyone paid to get it painted and where if it's a well known chain and also the quality thanks!
  7. Show off your stuff!
    Thanks to Wickerman's kind generosity, I got black OEM headlight housings for my car. Still totally shocked that he did that, thank you so much Dan! :D They look fucking sick - especially with the car freshly washed and polished. :D Lookie lookie!
  8. Appearance
    Does Anybody Out there know how much it would cost to do : Basic Black Paint : Custom Colors: ie. black w/t red sparkle
  9. Appearance
    i think it turned out good....pics soon. black valve cover anodized bolts, anodized fuel rail, and anodized metal coolant resivoir thingy...thing. i think it turned out good. lemme know when i post the pics.
  10. Appearance
    Hey I noticed on the bottom of my doors on the inside that the paint is coming off and its down to the bare metel now. SO.....The good news is that its covered under warrenty and i got an appointment this friday, tomorrow, to get it painted....WOO HOOO!!......so everybody look at the bottom of...
  11. How-To's
    Since I bought Red/Black two-tone SS leather seats, I decided it was time to paint my dash trim to match (and look decent). Now I've never painted before and I'm amazed with its outcome (of course with some minor defects you can't really notice unless you look closely). Honestly, if I can do it...
  12. Appearance
    im thinking of getting a two-tone paint job, Midnight blue and black. However, im having trouble finding some pics of such a paint scheme. Anyone care to either chop shop or post a couple pics of some cars with this two-tone?
  13. Appearance
    I don't know if this has been posted already because I don't really know what to search for but the silver ring around the button in my door for the windows and locks and stuff has had some of the paint chipped off. How do I remove this because I want to repaint it. And what color should I...
  14. Show off your stuff!
    Well alright guys. I had my calipers painted red before all this, but long story short. Theres a lot of VERY unoriginal people around here. haha. So i went for the out of the ordinary. :) Well... let me know what you guys think Devon
1-14 of 14 Results