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  1. Announcements & F.A.Q's
    Here are some teaser shots of how the new G5CLUB.net will look. Homepage: Forums: Garage:
  2. Announcements & F.A.Q's
    This is for Premium Members. Want everyone to see your ride everyday? Post up your BEST PIC of your ride ASAP... I need for a little project I'm working on. This is restricted to Premium Members. If you are not a Premium Member and wish to enjoy the benefits of one and support G5CLUB for...
  3. Show off your stuff!
    Alright, Here are the pics of the G5 with its new Dr-19 (18x7.5) and Hankooks ( 225/40/18 ) I didn't try any fancy angles, and just did driveway shots. -Great Stance Now -New Shifter Boot -Intake (I know Its all Dirty) -Magnaflow Cat-Back (Again Dirty) -Eibach Sway...
  4. Show off your stuff!
    So, my car club hosted a run between reservoirs in the area, and the pictures that came from it can be found on NJTuners.net. There are also some more pictures on Facbook, and are linked in the NJTuners thread. It was a good time.
  5. Show off your stuff!
    My last night shots were....err.... horrendous to say the least. So tonight, I think I've found a good setting for night shots. Here they be: Well, they don't look that great...still VERY noisy. :???:
  6. Show off your stuff!
    It was a pretty nice day out, so after I got off of work my friend and I took some pics:
  7. Show off your stuff!
    Well, today was a shitty day. So I decided to meet up with my buddy that has an '06 Cobalt LS Sedan. He just got 17'' Sport Edition F7s and 215/45/17 BFG g-Force Sports mounted. He got it tinted the same day. I told him I'd take a few shots of the cars at this parking deck at the beach. I...
  8. Show off your stuff!
    Show off your work for 2009 guys: Also: post the type of camera ad settings used if you can remeber. thanks guys. A shot from today: The Forgotten: Me and bumblebee decided to call this one "jsut one more"
  9. Show off your stuff!
    So it was 70 outside today. I hadnt washed my car since i got back from PA. So i got all my stuff out and washed it up a bit. I took some took some pics of it all cleaned up and thinking about trying for ROTM in Feb.
  10. Show off your stuff!
    Here are some pictures from the Lambo & Shelby dealership's that we visited on our Honeymoon in Vegas (Ferrari didn't allow pictures... ****). Plus a few others (Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon). Here are some pictures from the Lambo & Shelby dealership's that we visited (Ferrari didn't allow...
  11. Show off your stuff!
    Here are some pictures of Heidi after I gave her a bath and waxed her down good. There is even a little tire shine on there... Enjoy!!! Oh, and this was last Saturday btw... Not the greatest pictures but it was starting to get dark. I will have more pictures after I give her a bath...
  12. Show off your stuff!
    I'm sad winter is coming. That means salty dirty cars and no chance for rims or lowering. Can't wait till spring. By the way, I redid my front two windows from 35% to 20%. Can't wait to get pulled over... :/ haha The back three are 5%.
  13. Show off your stuff!
    Enjoy some pics of the car....
  14. Show off your stuff!
    So in about 10 hours, I will have my first mods in my baby.... Eibach lowering springs. K&N Intake Custom painted black headlights w/ Halogen bulbs... I'll have pics once we are finished...
  15. Show off your stuff!
    I don't have a pic of the car yet cuz the sun went down and my phone doesn't have a light on it but I will put some up later. As of right now, this is what my badges look like. And my new laptop...
1-16 of 17 Results