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  1. Gen 3's, nukka!

    Show off your stuff!
    To prove to you all that I'm not lying, here's a couple of quick pics I snapped. I had to aim them the best I could against a diagonal wall (and the car slightly tilted to the right), but I think I've got it pretty much set. Couldn't get any straight-on shots, though - too close to the wall...
  2. Halo Projector Question

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    My friend recently installed HID low beams and HID fog lights. I wasn't really that crazy about them, until recently. I seen how easy it was for him to install the HID kit and relay harness, so now I'm here wanting to buy HID's for my car as well. Only there is a problem. I have no idea what Gen...
  3. protective film

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    Does anyone know which company sells the best protective film for headlights? Ive seen atleast 5 different companies online. I just got some new projectors and wanted to get some film.
  4. New Headlights

    Show off your stuff!
    Just showin off my new gen 1 headlights :)
  5. gen 1 projectors

    i should be pickin them up tomorrow and i was wondering if u guys have any advice. i was also wondering if i need to seal them with silicon or something???? thanks like always :)
  6. which gen lights are these?

    i was wondering if u guys knew which generation of projectors are these? i just bought a pair for 124$ and now im waiting for them. ill be posting before and after pics so people know how they look :)
  7. Help please

    General G5 Discussion
    Just got my halos in the mail today.. I oppened the box, and took them out, along with the crimps and 2 of the yellow lights (for the signals) I dropped the little bag with the lights and broke one.... I went to autozone and got the closest lights i could get but there not really the same...
  8. Help with 1st gen projos

    Anyone want to give me some advice as to what I need to do to wire these suckers? Thanks.
  9. new anzo projectors

    Show off your stuff!
    purchased from turbo tech racing
  10. projector headlight quality

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    sup, along with my long list of things.. soon... i want projectors.. anybody know of a good site as far as quality? i dont wanna buy something and have fitting problems or electrical problems.. thanx~!!
  11. Retrofits and Projects (56k... sorry lol)

    Show off your stuff!
    Been spending too much time on CSS... really miss it over here on the G5 forums, so I thought I would post some of the projector retrofits I have done, as well as some other projects I've done recently that I haven't posted over here. Here is a set of projectors that I've done for 7 CSS members...
  12. Black or chrome?

    Photoshop Chop
    Can someone good with photoshop please edit this picture with black halo LED projectors and with chrome halo LED projectors? I want to buy, but I'm not sure which would look better on my car. I know the black always looks good, but I haven't seen any of our cars with the chrome ones, so I was...
  13. HID's & Projectors - Official Discussion Thread

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    Ask your HID and Projector questions here.