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  1. Rear speakers both leads have power?

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    Hey guys I'm about to change my rear speakers again. My first set were installed by someone else brand new and the capacitors melted off them. I have two brand new ones but when installing them tonight I checked the wiring and the negative has power too with the key on and neither hooked up to...
  2. Shorty aerial - 35 bucks

    Car Stuff For Sale
    Since I have traded in my car.. I have a shorty aerial I bought from Rob not too long ago and offer it up for sale for anyone who wants it. Looks great and looks new - Here is a pic - $35.00 (live in Ladner near the Massey tunnel) 604-628-4849 - 10am-10pm jim
  3. ZZP Downpipe /with 2.5 inch bolt in exit and cat

    Product Reviews
    Brand: ZZP Price: 199.99 Purchased From: http://www.zzperformance.com/cobalt_ion/products1.php?id=540&catid=155 Installation: (Use easy, moderate, involved, or difficult) Should have been easy... Installation Time: 3.5 hrs. Any Installation Tips You Have: Yeah, find someone who can weld, its...