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  1. General G5 Discussion
    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and have a question for anyone who is willing to help me :). I have a 2009 G5 Podium Edition, it's a 2.2L LAP with the 4T45E 4-speed auto, etc. Anyway, I've been hearing this odd sound most notable in the front left wheel area, when the car is in park. I believe...
  2. Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    Hey guys! Proud owner a pursuit 2006 bought it 3 days ago :D Very nice and comfortable compared to my old hyundai elentra 2002, Anyhow When buying this car I noticed the back speakers working wonderful but the front one don't hear anything? Except yesterday I started my car and noticed my...
  3. General G5 Discussion
    I recently bought four new speakers and a sub to mount in my trunk. I got two amps to power it and all seemed to work perfectly fine for like 2 weeks. The i started to notice engine whine through the speakers in the back, and it got worst and worst. I rerouted all the cables, making sure the...
1-3 of 3 Results