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  1. Spoiler broke off

    Show off your stuff!
    I broke off the spoiler on my g5, two bolts broke off too. Has anyones broke off/tried fixing it themselves? Just wondering what would be best to fix it
  2. Something different with stock wing...

    Alright, Hopefully you can all follow, if not I will am providing pictures!!! I want to lower the height of my stock wing... I feel that since has practically no use on a front wheel drive car that it is mostly unnessesary. However they do help make a car look "sportier". That being said I...
  3. Sedan and Coupe spoilers...

    Hey guys. I've been searching around and have not been able to find the answer to a question I have. Will a sedan spolier bolt onto a coupe trunk lid? The reason being that I found a different type of sedan spoiler, sort of a middle profile (not low but not high either). But the seller says...
  4. black g5 spoiler delete?

    Photoshop Chop
    i have a black g5 base and am thinking of taking the spoiler off can anyone photoshop that for me i have 17'' black rims with a chrome lip and 35% tint on the front and 20% back if anyone could do that it would be greatly appreciated
  5. FS Black High Rise

    Car Stuff For Sale
    ok everybody selling my black high rise for 140+ shipping. price is firm send me a PM. and i'm pretty sure shipping would be like 20-30 bucks tails are sold to chip
  6. Stock Midnight Blue Spoiler Available.

    Car Stuff For Sale
    Does anyone want to purchase a stock midnight blue spoiler? It is in great condition. It is off my 2009 with 1500 miles on it. I have a template and trunk lid struts as well. Please contact me if you're interested.
  7. New high rise and small mods pics

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    Got my high rise bout a week ago and here some pics Blacked out side markers Repainted calipers Let me know what ya think
  8. Coloured High Rise?

    Photoshop Chop
    How would a different colour high-rise spoiler look on our cars? Like blurple or red on silver? Anyone feel up to choppin' something up?
  9. Wanted: High Wing Spoiler (Black)

    I will trade my low spoiler (perfect condition... Just got my g5 less than a month ago) for the high wing spoiler. I know some people like the low one more... and I'll throw 150$ on top of the low spoiler as well. So just to make everything straight, I will trade my black, low spoiler and...