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  1. Cobalt Coupe Rear End Swap?

    I've been searching for the past few hours on countless forums, Is it possible to swap the g5 sedan rear end with the rear end of a cobalt coupe? I can't find any videos or real evidence that someone has actually done it, all i've seen is that 'people have done it before, try and find their...
  2. FS: LED Taillights

    Car Stuff For Sale
    I have a set of barely used LED taillight bulbs that I won't be needing anymore since I totaled my '07 coupe. Bought 'em from AutoZone, but I don't remember for how much or brand name (Part #3157). I'm putting them up here for $12 (pair, obviously). The car was hit in the front, so both of these...
  3. looking for x2 used rear tale lights for my G5 GT - Cheap!

    looking for x2 rear tale lights for my G5 GT used/cheap. If anyone has some please message me. Thx
  4. H1 bulbs and taillight leds

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    I jjust got some projectors in that use H1 55w bulbs. What is the best brand to replace these with? Does anyone know where to get those taillight led bulbs that expand once you put them in?
  5. VHT nightshades alternatives????

    Lil' skecthy about doing my taillights with the spray cause the crap doesn't come off if I mess up which I probably will. Anybody know of a place that sells tinted covers or good tint film?? or knows how to do nightshades good around Phoenix?????
  6. Infinite tail light LED's, am I doing something wrong?

    Electronics, Audio, Video & Lighting
    So I got around to putting in my LED tail light bulbs today, and I was extremely disappointed. I knew they weren't going to be much brighter, but I thought they would make my tail lights a little more visible. I was wayyyyy wrong. You can barely tell they are on. I don't know if it's because of...
  7. high Rise and NiteShades

    Show off your stuff!
    finally took some shots of the g5 after getting the high rise and tiniting the tails...I have a carbon fiber rear pontiac symbol i have to put on once it gets warmer out as well as tint my 3rd brake light...let me know what you guys think..once i get black rims (lookin at the MSR 0045's) in a...
  8. An Idea

    Photoshop Chop
    I have been pondering... Im going to paint my headlights. like many have here... How ever...instead of just tinting the rear lights...is it possible to paint them? Like the head lights? I dont see why not.. this is what i might want to do... Paint them black....It may look something like...
  9. painted tail lights finally

    Show off your stuff!
  10. G5 Taillight LEDs *Look*

    I know a lot of you asked for pictures of our 63-LED 3157 Bulbs for the G5 Taillights, that would also work as your Amber Front Turn Signals as well. Well, we took pictures today of them. The blinkers work like original, no faster loop than what it originally is, and everything works great...