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  1. Appearance
    Hey guys haven't posted to much here, but my question is how much is tinting going to cost me. Ive heard some people say 300 some say 150 i need a straight a answer. i want to make my 5 look like a gt but have no clue where to start i want the rims but havent found them anywhere, i have the 4...
  2. Eastern Canada
    I must give rave reviews and super props to Jason from Lil House of Tint. He's a great guy, and does an amazing job. He doesn't have his own shop, but can arrange to meet you at one of his buddies' glass shops to do a tint for you. However: he's only a supported vendor on the OCC board, so he...
  3. Appearance
    Hey guys ive got an 09 G5 sedan in silver, and im torn as to what to tint it. I'm curious if any one else on here has this model or colour at least, and if they could post pics? I know there are tinting threads out there already but i cant find any advice? What percentages should i go to? How...
  4. General G5 Discussion
    I really want to get my windows tinted but I am so afraid I am going to take them to someone that will f* them up. Any suggestions? suggestions in maryland even better
  5. Appearance
    Lil' skecthy about doing my taillights with the spray cause the crap doesn't come off if I mess up which I probably will. Anybody know of a place that sells tinted covers or good tint film?? or knows how to do nightshades good around Phoenix?????
  6. Appearance
    Getting my windows tinted tomorrow ladies. Ill get pics up once it's done. Hope it looks good. Oh, how dark should I go on the back windows? They legal, and pretty dark one, and limo. Gotta go legal on the doors(stupid) and going with the pretty dark one for the back but what should I put on the...
1-7 of 8 Results