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  1. Performance Mods
    2006 G5 is not supported by HP tuners, so who used what to tune thiers? What were the mods, and how did shit pan out?
  2. Dyno Stuff
    As you can see below the Wheel Horsepower of a 2.2l (L61) G5 is 144.21 WHP and 143.45 Torque after these mods: Injen Ram Air Intake (now Cold Air Intake) OBX Headers welded to a High Flow Cat welded to a 2.5" Exhaust welded to a Custom Sport Muffler I also waited to use the Trifecta tuner so...
  3. Tuning & NOS
    Alright, I think its time for a tune since to my knowledge, im pretty well fully bolted. Just a couple of questions..... 1) Other than Intake, Header, Downpipe, and Catback are there any other things to list in the "Modifications" Text Box? (I'd Imagine my suspension upgrades dont have any...
  4. Performance Mods
    Next week I will be getting my stage 2 zzp turbo kit Trifecta tuned. How many Horses do you think I'll be putting down? Here's specs: s256 turbo TiAl 38mm wastegate w/ exernal dump stock piping d/p back, no cat for now magnaflow muffler
  5. Performance Mods
    im new to the site and i was wondering if someone can help me out. i want to put a new chip in my car and i was looking for some feed back on what chip would be good for my G5 or if anyone has had any problems once they have chipped their car out thanks
1-5 of 5 Results