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  1. War Stories
    Hi All, New to the group, building a 2006 G5 GT 2.4 Ecotec oval track asphalt car. Track rules limit me to using factory exhaust, intake, aluminum rims and tires so most of my performance work will be engine related. Pulling engine and planning on: -counter balance delete -deck the head 0.020"...
  2. Tuning & NOS
    Hi what is the best tool to use to log information for virtual dyno, like something to plug into the obd2 port or something.
  3. Tuning & NOS
    Hello, I have an 05 pursuit gt 2.4l and was talking to a buddy of my with a Subaru STI and he has a handheld OBD tuner for his car wondering if theres anything like that for our cars? I have seen them for the 07 and up but will they work on the ECU for 05/06 or did they change the ECU between...
  4. Tuning & NOS
    Alright, I think its time for a tune since to my knowledge, im pretty well fully bolted. Just a couple of questions..... 1) Other than Intake, Header, Downpipe, and Catback are there any other things to list in the "Modifications" Text Box? (I'd Imagine my suspension upgrades dont have any...
  5. Performance Mods
    I am going to buy the zzp kit this month. I do not have the time/tools to install this kit myself. I live in Fort Dix NJ. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good shop that will be able to install and tune my kit for me? I am willing to travel up to 300 miles (military restricts me to this...
  6. Tuning & NOS
    I'm wondering the horse power difference between 87 octane with a tune versus 93 octane with a tune and timing advanced? I already have full exhaust and cai.
  7. Tuning & NOS
    I was wondering about the hp gain after a tune and what else it will help? I'm thinking of getting a tune this Sunday by Chip S. in the Austin area where I live. I'm pretty sure he uses Trifecta. My car is an 07 2.2 Auto with a CAI and full exhaust and header.
1-7 of 7 Results