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  1. New Member Intros
    Hi all! Im new to the community and thought I’d share my build with you guys! I went all in with my Pontiac G5 GT 2008, and here’s what I have so far: JE Pistons Molnar Rods ARP Head Studs 82# Valve Springs LE5 Performance Cams 60# Injectors 2.4 Turbo Kit with k04 ZZP high voltage coil packs...
  2. Car Stuff For Sale
    Well, I am sad to say I am selling the 5. My family is growing and I just haven't been driving it very much. (I can't really get my kid's car seat in the back.) My loss is your gain! I've got tons of performance upgrades in this car but few appearance changes which makes it a great sleeper...
  3. Blog
    I was gunna order the zzp turbo kit but they're always put of stock and it's expensive. SSo I'm wanting to put together a turbo kit piece by piece. Just not sure on what to buy. Looking for some advice on what to get and where to look. It's a stock 2.4 with a k&n intake nothing else done to it...
  4. Blog
    Hey everyone, just bought a 2.4l and a Hahn racecraft turbo kit for my 2010 cobalt. Doing a motor swap and the turbo install and I need some instruction on some of the install of the oil lines, cooling lines, etc on the kit. If anyone's got the install instructions for the kit I need them asap!
  5. Performance Mods
    Hey there, within the next few years i plan on buying a house so i want to start saving for my turbo now. I have the GT model with complete bolt-ons and tuned. however, when I finally go for either ZZP or Hahn turbo setup, should i change my pistons? or anything else so that i dont easily blow...
  6. Performance Mods
    Does anyone have a Stage one turbo that actually works on a g5? Or a super charger? Considering one but not sure of where to find one.
  7. Performance Mods
    Hey guys, The time has finally come to get my 2.2 boosted! I've collected pretty much everything I need to do the project. All I'm waiting on now is the tune from Vince so I can start. Picked up a Garrett Alpha kit off a previous balt owner and scrounged up all the missing hardware for...
  8. Performance Mods
    I am looking to beef up my 09 g5's performance. I do realize that the g5 and cobalt are very similar however any suggestions as too what i could do to create hp for my g5 and places to get these parts. I recently purchased a T3/T4 turbo for my g5 but may sell it for other parts that would be...
  9. Performance Mods
    Next week I will be getting my stage 2 zzp turbo kit Trifecta tuned. How many Horses do you think I'll be putting down? Here's specs: s256 turbo TiAl 38mm wastegate w/ exernal dump stock piping d/p back, no cat for now magnaflow muffler
  10. Appearance
    Ever since they came out with the g5, I was hoping they would supercharge or turbo it, and we would get a g5gxp. Well I guess no luck, since GM is murdering Pontiac. Now that I have turbocharged my g5, I am thinking about re-badging her. Let my know what you guys think.
  11. Performance Mods
    I am going to buy the zzp kit this month. I do not have the time/tools to install this kit myself. I live in Fort Dix NJ. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good shop that will be able to install and tune my kit for me? I am willing to travel up to 300 miles (military restricts me to this...
1-11 of 11 Results