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  1. What should I look for when buying rims?

    Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    I'm looking to get used rims from a Honda Civic for my 05 Pursuit. It should match as far as i know because both are 15" rims and lug patterns are 4x100mm. Is there anything else to consider? Rim width, offset, or any other measurements that might make them incompatible?
  2. New Wheels!

    Show off your stuff!
    My father just bought these for my 21st birthday today. Just thought I'd share. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2084352746262&set=a.1048059639582.2012306.1168410787&type=1&theater
  3. huge fail!!! need help from everyone

    Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    Hey everyone. I need your help on what i should do. My local rim shop damaged my 2 of my rims in the fall. I will give you guys a short story on what happened. I broke my key lock trying to take my wheels off to put my winters on. Went to the place i bought them and asked them to remove it...
  4. Set of 4 wheels and tires for G5

    Car Stuff For Sale
    Hey, i have a set of 4 wheels and tires for the G5, they are the aluminum 16" 5 spoke mags in awesome shape that came with the SE and the hankook H725 tires that also came with it, they are 80% good. Price and shipping will be discussed if interested! Pics also available! Thanks! Bruno
  5. The H2 Gets New Shoes

    Show off your stuff!
    My dad drives an '04 H2 and his tires finally went bald, so he decided it was time for new rims. The first picture is of the stock chrome rims. They were pitting out hardcore. The second picture is of his new chrome plated American Racing ATX Mace 8's wrapped in Yokohama Geolander H/T-S's size...
  6. Bent my stock rims LOOKING TO UPGRADE....what do u think?

    Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    so i took my car in cuz my steering wheel was shimmy-ing when breaking......i thought my rotors were warped again but they werent. cant wait till that happens again. the dealer said they will only replace them once. anyway turns out 3 of my rims were bent. they put the ones that were bent the...
  7. new wheels!!!

    Show off your stuff!
    and now for the moment you've all been waiting for........ MY NEW WHEELS!!!!! they're 18" black motegi sp10's wrapped in 225/40 general exclaim uhp tires. i love them so much. between the wheels and the drop this past weekend, i barely even recognize my car anymore. without further ado, on...
  8. Finally! New Wheels!!

    Show off your stuff!
    TEASER! My tires came in today, so I had them mounted and all that jazz! Pictures up tomorrow. ;)
  9. Need a quick answer - Rim/tire size fitment

    General G5 Discussion
    Got a local sale pending. I'll let you guys in on the details later but right now I need to know if these fit: 18" x 8" rims - 5x110 - +45 offset Wrapped in 235-40 tires They're comming off an SS/SC that's lowered on sportlines and they fit fine. Do I need sportlines or should I be able...
  10. 18's for sale

    Car Stuff For Sale
    I have some 18" motegi Roja's they are discontinued (yes very old rims and have some wear and tear on them that you would expect) BUT these are light weight rims only 18lbs on a 18" rim i dare you to find something like that Anyways you can see them in my sig and avatar so those are the rims...
  11. black SS 18" wheels/tires FS

    Car Stuff For Sale
    ok so i'm selling some black SS stock 18" wheels. they also have almost brand new tread on them. the tread is bridgestone potenzas. 245/40/18. the tires have about 2000 miles and were bought in december. i will not be able to post pictures until after the bash which is this weekend. i'm asking...
  12. FS- my rims (trade for your stock?)

    Car Stuff For Sale
    hey guys, i wanna get a new set of rims, looking to sell mine, or trade mine for your stock gt or aftermarket black. the front right has minor curb rash, rt615 have another 2-5 track runs left in them, front linglong 90% left. 225/40/18 5 bolt. price if buying- 1000obo strait trade for another...
  13. Powdercoated rims

    Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    I decided im gonna get my rims powdercoated instead of getting new ones. Im gonna powdercoat them black. There is a company her in memphis called ricks powdercoating and will do my rims for $200. and I also am getting my car painted under warranty! How awesome is that :D
  14. New Rizzims

    Show off your stuff!
    Just got my new rims in!!!!!! :) THERE SO SEXY lol 18x8's. Super sexy now i just gotta get my new tires and im good to go!
  15. Finally got new rims!!!!!!!!!!

    Show off your stuff!
    Well i finally got new rims no more hub caps and I am so excited about that haha
  16. Official: SHOW OFF YOUR WHEELS....

    Wheels, Tires & Suspension
    Lets See Them... I know there is a good collection of them here.....
  17. Rims

    Photoshop Chop
    Can somebody try to put these rims on my car.