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  1. Performance Mods
    2006 G5 is not supported by HP tuners, so who used what to tune thiers? What were the mods, and how did shit pan out?
  2. Performance Mods
    ...Finally came and got it all bolted on today. I got the 2.5 Magnaflow, 2.5 ZZP downpipe, and finally Injen CAI. the gains are noticeable and the sound is amazing! hopefully i'll be able to get new headers and manifold around christmas. if you have any other performance upgrade suggestions...
  3. OEM & Aftermarket Parts
    hey there, I was looking at exhaust and i have decided between the ZZP LE5 3" exhaust or the 2.5" Magnaflow catback. I have the 2.2l L61 and was wondering if the LE5 exhaust and 3" downpipe would fit. If you have either of these installed let me know how you like them.
  4. Performance Mods
    Alright, its tractor season so I just pulled down a few good paychecks and I think its time to treat the car to something special. I was thinking a Header and downpipe combo (The rest of my mods are in the sig) The one I had my eye on was the ZZP set up: (Going full stainless with magnaflow...
  5. Performance Mods
    Next week I will be getting my stage 2 zzp turbo kit Trifecta tuned. How many Horses do you think I'll be putting down? Here's specs: s256 turbo TiAl 38mm wastegate w/ exernal dump stock piping d/p back, no cat for now magnaflow muffler
  6. Performance Mods
    I am going to buy the zzp kit this month. I do not have the time/tools to install this kit myself. I live in Fort Dix NJ. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good shop that will be able to install and tune my kit for me? I am willing to travel up to 300 miles (military restricts me to this...
  7. Product Reviews
    Brand: ZZP Price: 199.99 Purchased From: http://www.zzperformance.com/cobalt_ion/products1.php?id=540&catid=155 Installation: (Use easy, moderate, involved, or difficult) Should have been easy... Installation Time: 3.5 hrs. Any Installation Tips You Have: Yeah, find someone who can weld, its...
1-7 of 7 Results