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2007 G5 GT in Fusion Orange. Lightly modded
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I'll remove this post when the OP posts up proper pictures, a description and completes the listing. Until den...YAAH...check dis dere ting out din.

So, ya and hey DERE! I gots me a white G5 GT Cooo-pay dere for sale - ya know. If ya drop me a line, I can work out the deal an maybe you can drive her home.

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Automotive parking light

Now, in dem dere pictures dere she may look all blue an suff - YA!
Truss me dere son, iss so friggin' cold up here in da Canada that it only looks blue (AY!)
That eekstra door dere in da back is a rarity in dee's dere Cooo-pay's ya know.
Lemme tell ya, she will warm ya up if ya kin get 'er started an all, ya know - AY!
Plus, she's a reel perfarmer and all. I once had 'er doin 140 I'll have ya know.
...but dat was sideways on a glacier when my cousin Hardy was drivin'...
(Oh...dat Hardy! Heh Heh...) Kin ya own-LEE eemagine if she was goin' down it all straight 'n stuff?
I betcha she'd breeek dat soun barrier -YA!
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