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2009 2.2L LAP Coolant flush + replacement

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I noticed my coolant was low and it didn't look good decided that it had never been changed based off the history of seen on Carfax and it decided to change it myself. So glad I did cuz the weather might get bad that green stuff might have froze in my block solid.
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Gaaaaa! Some people are idiots. The car before my G5, my Sunfire, had a small front-end collision, and they had to replace the radiator. They topped off the cooling system with the green stuff! I saw my coolant recovery tank a different color a week later, called them up, and was in their shop the next day for a free flush and fill.

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👆👆👆 HMM...if they used conventional anti-freeze with DEX-COOL, it would turn colors, usually between a rusty looking color to black, depending on what type or brand of coolant you had used. 99.999% of the time, if they used converntional anti-freeze that is NOT compatable with DEX-COOL, if you drive the car ONCE and you're EFFED!!!! You'll have a solid sludge in your coolant that will NOT COME OUT!!! Chances are, they used the right stuff, which was a diferent color than that orange junk (a.k.a DEX-COOL). If they didn't your car would overheat after you cycled the coolant and brought your car up to temperature. You would also have zero heat coming from the HVAC vents.

II would NEVER use DEX-COOL!!! EVER!!! If I were you, I'd drain that 💩 out of your cooling system, flush it out COMPLETELY with 👉👉 distilled water 👈👈 first. After that, then you can use either undiluted (usually cheaper) or prediluted universal (which mean it's compatable with DEX-COOL) type coolant, which is recommended for your car. That DEX-COOL is horrible and if you ever get a slight leak, you will regret having it in your car's cooling system!!!

The Organic Acid Technology (also known as O.A.T.) in DEX_COOL will break down if there is any sort of air gap in your cooling system. That gap creates steam and when the steam touches DEX-COOL in the cooling system of your car, you get this really cool effect. Essentially you get what can best be described as looking like, light brown coffee grounds. If you stop the coolant (IN THIS STATE) from circulating around in your car, you have (literally) a minute or two to drain the entire system. If you don't it will gel together and become a solid mass of gunk. The only way to fix that scenario, is to HOPE and PRAY there is some way water, other coolant or something can pass through the blockage. If it is completely blocked, you'll be replacing whatever that solid mass is in. Be it, your radiator, heater core, motor...ya know, fun stuff to replace!!! The easiest way to find the solid gunk, is to remove the hoses. I'll tell you from experience, it will gum up the heater core (guaranteed), the radiator and the bottom aspect of how your cars engine is designed, where the coolant flows through your engine.

Still, you can check the hoses; but if there is crud built up in that hose, what ever part that hose goes to will have to be replaced. You could try using a flexible tool as a snake to try routing the parts out, but you'll poke holes in your radiator and heater core. The gel will never just settle into a hose, it will always gum up other parts of your car.

Now, you can use either vinegar or wood bleach to help dissolve the gunk. Vinegar will take FOREVER to work (like, FOR-F__king-EVER). Wood Bleach does a better job. You will ONLY have to flush your cooling system out a dozen or more times to get rid the gunk. You will always have some resudual gunk, but this will slowly fall off the walls of the inner parts of the cooling system and come out s you perform additional flushes to your vehicle. If you dislodge a large chunk, it may break into smaller and smaller bits when it passes through the water pump...which you'll be able to get out after a few coolant flushes. The gunk will not mix or dissolve in the newer type of coolant if you so choose to use that instead. If you go back with DEX-COOL, it will dissolve and re-congeal somewhere else in your engine or cooling system.

If you don't think I'm right, feel free to use this crap!

Oh yeah, DO NOT USE regular water with DEX-COOL! You can only used distilled water! If you don't it will be more prone to being unstable. Also, feel free to flush your system every 75 to 80k miles. I know, they say it's good for 100K miles. They also tell you that this $#!T is safe for your car! Trust me, either change it early or replace it with universally approved coolant that can be mixed with DEX-COOL!
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OP...do NOT recycle your oil with coolant in it. You will perminantly destroy whatever oil you mix that with. Whatever oil that mixes with also cannot be recycled.
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