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http://www.redlinegoods.com this is the best boot place i have seen yet.Anyways they have no cobalt/g5 boots,but if someone is willing to send their boots in(hopefully one of you have done my e-brake mod) they will do a custom one for you for free,sounds like the turn around is a little over a week(beats the shit ot of TWM and their rdiculous price for a boot)
Anyways,i just ordered a black and blue boots for both my shifter and e brake, they are for the M3 but very close match just 60 bucks for the two,as compared to 50bucks from TWM for only one.LOL!!
anyways left this open for one of you to take advantage of,I got a couple free items this week anyways from vendors,so have to it.
OH! there is a 50 deposit returned to you once you have shown pics of the product on your car.
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