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Crunching noise on rebound

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I have a 2007 Pontiac g5 coupe. 2.2 auto. I’ve been chasing front end noises for the last month and I cant Seem to get to the end. I’ve replaced struts, sway bar links, sway bar bushing, and control arms. All of this seemed to the noises disappear. I used high quality parts, not cheap house brand parts in fear of having to take them right back off. However, 3 days after all my work was done a new noise came up. When driving regardless of speed, if I hit a low spot in the road the car makes a crunch noise on rebound. You can hear it at both wheels and when you hit it at an angle you can hear it at each wheel. Say you’re pulling out of a parking lot that has a dip to it. You’ll hear it. Or going down the interstate and there’s a dip in the road. Once the car goes to rebound back up you’ll hear the noise. I’ve retorqued everything over and over. Nothing was loose. The car stock as far as suspension is concerned. It’s been aligned. I just can’t figure it out. The only thing I can come up with is the new front struts are bad. But what are the odds of that? I used Monroe struts and I’ve had good luck with them before. Hopefully someone can give me some insight as to what they think it may be. I’d really appreciate it.
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