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So, new here, did a quick Intro earlier.
I'm picking up a 2008 G5 Base model (has a few extras, like spoiler... not sure what all to be honest).

I would eventually like to have fog lights (maybe angel halos... a guy can hope).
However, my bumper is the kind with the same color grille area as the body. From the photos it all looks like one piece with the bumper, I don't know yet (just posting this in advance as I'm wondering.)

Does the Base model that does not have the grilles with fog hole settings have grille inserts that come out, so I can order the ones that have the settings ???

I know they'd have to be wired up with a switch (get a garage to, as I'm not handy), but don't know if it's even possible with the bumper.

I would not consider changing the bumper.


Thanks !

Like this:
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