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Everyone can help with building G5CLUB.net's success in a simple easy manner.

At the top of the forum, there is a button for Facebook... if you use Facebook, click on it and it will ask you if you wish to have G5CLUB.net app access to your Facebook. Accept it and then you'll be given many Facebook forum features.

For example, you can log into the forum just using your facebook! You can sync your Avatar with your FB profile image, you can like posts and publish your posts to Facebook!

Its helpful, search engine friendly and will help me build this site even bigger.

You also have the option of Tweeting posts as well! If you like a post, TWEET it.... beside the Facebook Like option there is a button for tweet. If you like a post on G5CLUB, like it on Facebook as well just by clicking the like button.

It's easy, fun to use, and convenient! Also, if you belong to any social bookmarking and you like a post that you think the world should know (for example, our very handy/trustworthy how-to's section) at the bottom of each forum topic, there is an area for Social Bookmarking. Here you can send this page to google, linked in, twitter, facebook, yahoo, digg, etc... and much more to come.

Anywho, enjoy the new forum features! I know I do. Add me up as a friend on Facebook as well. Coming soon to G5CLUB.net will be Facepile, intergrated ability to see which of your friends on Facebook who are also friends on here, just like Facebook chat!
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