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How intricate is it to drop tank?
Last time a boyfriend worked on my car....eh...
But it's either me or him doing it, this week or weekend. I need to know what I'm up against.
Like, every little detail of what im needing to do.
Also, we have plastic tanks right so there is no need for me to worry about rust in tank if gas had been sitting in it for 3-4 years, is there?

I'm banking on new fuel filter but not pump.

Last time it was driven, the gas was somewhere between the last notch and empty. (I've heard someone say that is actually a sixteenth and an eight in our cars the way the guages go...and not a fourth. Idk.)

Being that there be no rust in the tank, can I not just siphon out the gas and do something besides drop tank?
I read an artie ababoababouababoababout pressure washing and cleaning tank without removing it, but how does that work 🧐🧐I mean like, do u run the nozzle into the spot you pump gas into, I'm guessing? Then run out fuel the pump by disconnecting lines, or siphoning back out plus add a splash of gas to run out the bottom of tank thru pump and disconnect lines? It heavily warned to dry tank for 24 to 48 hrs so I know that. Also additives.
And if there is sludge that has formed (see that's what I'm worried about is running the bad gas out the pump and disconnected lines but it stopping up my pump and burning it and I can NOT add that to bill right now it will ruin the whole project of getting her back on road.
There is a cleaner that is said to attack sludge and all bad old stuff in the gas, dissolveand burn it out under normal operating conditions. Highly rated.
What would you guys do?

Lifesaving thanks,

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Honestly, it isn't too difficult, however it's much easier on a lift (you will need to suspend the car in the air by at least 2 feet to wiggle the tank out of position and free from the car). I did find a video for replacing the fuel pump, but it shows exactly how to remove the tank

The bleeder at the beginning of the video is important. You can use that opportunity to gauge the quality of the gas coming out and see if there's any corrosion in the lines.
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