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how many miles has everyone put on their g5

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My buddies give me hell all the time because i bought my g5 in 2009 with a little over 19000 miles on it and it now has just hit 31000. Maybe im weird but i love the look of my car and it still looks brand new, anyone else has the same problem of not wanting to drive your g5? ha
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107380 miles. Bought feb. of 08 with a hair under 20k. Wouldn't trade her in for the world.
bought her at 30500 july of 2010, as of today... looking at about 66000 miles. just a bit of driving done with her :)
I bought mine new in 07 and she has almost 62000 mi. She's been accross the country and back and everywhere in between without missing a beat. I'll keep her till she dies or the world ends, whichever comes first, :)

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Presently just shy of 200,000 miles, or 324,000 km. 2007 Sedan 2.2l automatic.

Reasonably maintained, but have done some things I don't see anywhere on this site.

Namely: ceramized the engine with RVS (www.rvsmaster) as well as the transmission and fuel system (pump and injectors), considering XADO (www.xado.com) for further ceramization; use tufoil (www.tufoil.com), change the oil according to the onboard oil life monitor; have cleaned the interior of the engine and transmission with auto-rx (www.auto-rx.com) and considering KREEN for the next cleaning; drive very economically most of the time, and step on it when the occasion requires (merging onto expressway, passing, etc.).

Car is stock with the exception of a drop-in K&N filter.

Changed the fuel filter once at about 100,000 miles and expect to do it again when I have the money to put towards it on the theory that a free-flowing fuel filter will put less strain on the in-tank fuel pump thus saving me money in the long run.

Run on the steelies with summer and winter tires, inflated to recommended pressure.

I expect to get at least another 200,000 out of this car.

I recall a posting on this site of a G5 that had 500,000 miles or so on it, but have been unable to locate it again. Perhaps the member has since withdrawn from this august company.

No major repairs. Two minor accidents replacing the front hood (1) and the windshield and front left quarter panel (2).

Ask me for more information, and I'll probably be able to reply coherently.

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73000km, which is like 45k miles for you americans. Bought the car last april with 54 on it, car has a slight ding on the drivers side quarter panel above the tire, from when someone backed into me, which will be fixed in the spring. Once im done college the car will become my commuter, and i'll buy something a bit nicer.
Pushing 43500 miles now.
53 miles on a 2008
I think you missed a few zeros there....
Bought my car brand new with 17km on it after a quick test drive in December 2006. Sitting at 138000KM no major issues so far, although I should do the timing chain soon. I wanna see how long this car will last.
im at 88k right now. no major issues.. just

Struts going bad.. after years of sportlines.
i think the 2nd gear syncro is slightly damaged?
anddddd thats about it.
3500km left before I hit 6 digits *cries*
...other than that odd "crunch" in my back suspension, it's been good.
3500km left before I hit 6 digits *cries*
...other than that odd "crunch" in my back suspension, it's been good.
62k on my 07 :)

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I'm already at 32k

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