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Its 2.3l ecotech rocked! Imagine what 310hp stock would do in a G5? Oh, sure, the drive train and suspension would have to be beefed up. GM screwed a huge pooch ditching Pontiac.

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I have over 300 whp and nothing is BEEFED UP !
It is a very different car with power !

and ACTUALLY it was Obummer that did this to Pontiac not GM.

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My buddies give me hell all the time because i bought my g5 in 2009 with a little over 19000 miles on it and it now has just hit 31000. Maybe im weird but i love the look of my car and it still looks brand new, anyone else has the same problem of not wanting to drive your g5? ha
I'm new to the discussion. I bought my 2009 pontiac G5 with 250,000 miles on it. I bought her for $700 from a friend. Now I'm at 277,000 and she's still great. I love my G5. I fear the day she dies.
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