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Tools Needed: See Step (1)

Ease of Install: Hard - Expert
(Unless you REALLY know what you are doing, it's recommended to have this mod done by a professional)

Time To Install: 5 hours


So you've decided to get a pacesetter, or any header for that matter, well congratulations. Now you embark on the journey I like to call, the quest of the thousand hand cuts! Seriously buy some gloves or you'll chew your hands lol.

1. Grab the tools. You'll need: Jack with stands (ramps can also work, but you run the risk of driving on or off them with open exhaust ports, so you've been warned), 13mm deep and shallow sockets, 15mm shallow and deep, 15mm box wrench. Saws all/Grinder with cutoff wheel. Prying object (larger flathead, pry bar etc.) If you have one a O2 Sensor socket will make your life easier, if not, a large adjustable wrench will do.

2. Take your 13mm deep and proceed to taking the nuts off the manifold. There are 10 in total, don't be alarmed if the stud comes out, you can put it back on after, but don't take the nut off if it does, makes life easier. The one I've circled in the pic requires the 13mm shallow to get off. I couldn't get a deep in there. You could try a 13mm box wrench as well.

3. Disconnect the O2 sensor from the car but leave it connected to the manifold. This makes it easier to take it off once the manifold is off the car.

4. Jack the front end of the car in the air and put it on jackstands. I put the jack stands on the first click. Gave me plenty of room. Now comes the fun part.

5. This thing is hell incarnate. I bathed it in liquid wrench and left it to soak over night. If you feel strong or confident that rust is on ur side, then grab that 15mm deep and attack those bolts! Once you are done cursing and bleeding and discover you were tightening the whole time, separate the "flex flange" from the manifold with a pry bar.

6. Take the manifold off the block and make sure that the gasket came off too. Take it off from the top of the motor. There is no clearance to go from the bottom. If possible clean off the head with some rubbing alcohol. Then remove the 02 Sensor from the old manifold and thread it into the new header. Now you should be here...

7. Now time to get dirty. Get underneath the car with a 15mm shallow and a 15mm box wrench. Right where the downpipe comes to a flange, separate it. This will allow you to install the new header, and to make the necessary cuts to the down pipe. Clean off the old gasket. Also make sure to disconnect the O2 sensor.

8. Take the supplied gasket and put it on the manifold, with the freaky looking port on the drivers side. DO NOT USE GASKET SEALANT. Many users of the pacesetter have found sealant to make leaks and make your life miserable. Next, assemble the ball joint, flange and spring/bolt assembly, this will make life easier later as clearance does not allow for this later. Now, wedge the new header and ball joint from the top of the engine into it's spot. Place the header on the studs and finger tighten the nuts. Take the 13mm deep and snug them to the block STARTING FROM THE CENTER and moving OUTWARD. Remember that nut you used a shallow socket on? GUESS WHAT you need it again! You will have to tighten them again so don't loose those sockets. Once the header has gotten hot it will expand, loosening the nuts and making it leak.

9. Take the down pipe and cut it right in between where the cat and flex flange are. This will only allow you to place it on the header, not attach it to the cat back. Unfortunately the DP is too long and requires a muffler shop to cut the flanged end and weld a new flange on.

10. After cutting. place the DP into the ball joint on the header and If you can mount the other end to the cat back do so. if not, wedge it in there and get 1 in at least so it wont drag. Reconnect all the O2 sensors and take it to the local shop to get welded and checked for leaks.

11. After getting the system hot and the paint burnt off (unless you opted for the chrome one), check all the bolts and tighten them if needed.

And your done. Enjoy your 2nd gear fellas!
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